Devitronic™ heating elements prevents condensation in closed electrical installation, switchboards and control cabinets.

The heating elements is made of black anodized aluminium which optimises heat conduction and emission. The condens heater is supplied with temperature limit or as a selflimiting construction where a PTC element supplies the profiles with power according to the surrounding temperature.


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Cablul pentru protecţia la îngheţ a conductelor - DPH
DPH RO.pdf (0,1 Mb), Număr documentaţie: VDIWX146, Limbă: Română, Data de emitere: 09/10 2014
DEVItronic.pdf (0,3 Mb), Număr documentaţie: VDCYW146, Limbă: Română, Data de emitere: 17/02 2016
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DEVI sisteme pentru protectia tevilor de la inghet
Protectie (10,8 Mb), Număr documentaţie: VVDUC246, Limbă: Română, Data de emitere: 19/03 2013